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When God Smiles, or Maybe Laughs Outright, and My You've Got to be Kidding Moments

Yes, the other day my blog post was a bit dark and doubting and all that. But sometimes I have thoughts and feelings like that, and I think God is big enough to take care of all that. If you have not read it, and would like to, find it here

So. Today  I went to meet a lady to talk with her about doing some work for her, and as I was sloshing through the down-pouring rain, I wonder if God wasn't smiling a little. I mean, nothing great was about to take place, but sometimes the world is a smaller place than we imagine it to be.

I rang her doorbell (in all my soggy glory by that time), and the lady who answered the door looked exceedingly familiar. We mutually agreed on familiarity, but it took a moment to figure out why. Then at almost the same moment, we both had to sort of groan and roll our eyes because suddenly we remembered dance class. The dance class in which her princess pinched my princess's face so hard it created welts. And her princess was probably only 4 years old. A very strong princess she is, I guess. Anyway, talk about awkward. I felt it necessary to assure her at that point that my princess is actually not my child, but I just take care of her, so whatever her parents said to her, it was not me saying it. We got past it, like adults, thank God!

In other frustrations, I bought a replacement lightning cord for my iPad a week ago, and I used it one (ONE) time, and it did not work anymore. (Insert all out frustration emojis right now!) So my princess and I trudge back to the store (no small feat what with the rain, and riding trains, and enduring stinky stations, and all) to do an exchange. Mission accomplished so we make a library stop, and I discover the replacement cord does not even fit!!!!! Okay. Deep breath. Just breath. I can't even.

Oh, and since this is such a rambling post I might as well tell you about after school pick-up at a public school of about 1,200 kids. Let's just say it is a workout of patience and deep breaths and eye rolling every day. Parents are the worst at patience, and forming lines, and taking turns that I have ever, and I mean, ever seen! Oh, and they absolutely cannot follow instructions. Why is it that people turn into animals during moments like this? First, we used to be able to get into the schoolyard while we waited for dismissal, and then the teachers brought their classes out and lined them up and parents could pick up their rightful child. Well, it became absolutely insane with parents grabbing away their child without making sure the teacher knew who was doing pick-up and all. Safety first, you know, because it is a big bad world out there and sometimes children disappear with the wrong adults. In an attempt to make it safer, parents were finally told to line up along the fence and wait for the classes, but, remember, parents Do. Not. Know. how to follow instructions, and bedlam still continued. Finally, the principals said, fine, everyone has to stay outside the fence until all classes have lined up. And even then parents were trying to sneak in beforehand, or when the gate opened, you better be ready to be swept away in the crowd that is convinced that they should have gotten through the gate 3 minutes before it was opened. Like yesterday. I kid you not, animals instincts are in fine form.

It's a crazy life I lead. I guess for now I will just keep walking, except for those times I have to run to keep from being trampled.

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Oh, and while we are on the subject of crazy. I was sitting on a park bench just minding my own business when I glance across the street and see two grown-up guys chasing each other. The one chasing catches up, grabs the other guy, slams him down on the street, and proceeds to punch him straight in the face. After several punches he gets back up and walks away. The guy being punched gets up, returns his hat to his head, and walks away as well. Later, I saw him having a discussion with the police. #peoplethesedays

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