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When Despair Rises

Confession time.

I am a broken person. Truth is that we are all in this fix. Broken. Bleeding. Sinful. Twisted.

Problem: I don't like that assessment. Probably none of us do.

When I look at the glory of Jesus, and His perfection, I feel as Isaiah did when he so succinctly stated, "We are unfit to worship you; each of our good deeds is merely a filthy rag. We dry up like leaves; our sins are storm winds sweeping us away." Isaiah 64:6 (CEV)

Then another problem tends to slide up from behind when I dwell on the doom and gloom. I sink into this pit called despair. The slimy, oozing walls just grow taller and taller until I can hardly see over the top anymore. And what with all that oozing slim, there is little to no chance of rescuing myself out of this mess on my own.

Enter King Jesus. Ah, glorious, shining Redeemer.

I do not have to go through a huge ritual cleansing, or utterance of the proper chanting, or cover myself in the holy garb. Jesus rescues me because He can and wants to. Jesus is nice like that.

"So you will be saved, if you honestly say, 'Jesus is Lord,' and if you believe with all your heart that God raised him from death."
Romans 10:9 (CEV)

So simple. The slimy pit of despair does not have to hold me in its grasp. I can be free. Jesus wants me to be free, and makes it possible for me to be free. And because I am just a simple girl, He does not make the hoops too hard to jump through.

Believe. Confess. Be Free.

And then Jesus proudly proclaims, "Hey, that's my girl! She belongs to Me because I set her free!"

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