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The Good Old Days

Sometimes we wax eloquent about how wonderful, amazing, and out of this world the good old days were. We get all nostalgic and wish to return to those days where all was right with the world, and problems did not exist, and everyone lived in perfect harmony and peace with themselves and their neighbors.

I am sorry to say those days are nonexistent. They live in our fantasies. They are a wisp of wishful thinking. Those days were filled with problems too. I will have to burst your bubble on that point.

Yesterday, the 8 year old princess insisted that when she gets to be a grown up, she will do a much better job than parents nowadays. She will remember what it was like to be a kid, and she will make different decisions than her parents are making.

History repeats itself. Haven't all adults everywhere thought similar thoughts when they were 8 years old? And this 8 year old will most likely grow up to wish for the return of her idyllic life in former years when she is overwhelmed with the stresses of adulthood.

As for myself, there are many things I would never wish to repeat. I would never again what to be the 5 year old who was so stinking proud of her new outfit for church that showed the marks of maturity and growing up, but all the adults stood around and laughed at her, and deflated her joy, and crushed her. Nope. Not doing that again.

I would never what to be the uncomfortable teenager who had only hand-me-downs, and was so awkward, and didn't seem to know how to have bosom buddies, or be in any inner circle. Nope. Not going back there. 

I only ever experienced being in a choir once, and it was, well, words that I better not mention so as to upset the finer elite among us. It was not a nice experience. I was not good at it, and those in charge made sure I knew it. They wanted perfection, and I was so far from perfect I might as well have been from another planet. Nope. Glad that is over, and ain't doing it again.

So, really. We only have forward anyway. Even if you happen to be one of those hankering after the good old days. If you were blessed enough to want to go back, you can not.

Life is about forward movement. We can not repeat yesterday, but we can make today count for something. We can make today shine. We can love well today. We can be over-comers today. We can be better today than we were yesterday. We can embrace Jesus' love for us today, and in the process abandon the shame, hurt, and mistakes of yesterday.

There is hope in the tomorrow. Always. Hope.


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