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The Blip

I'm just an ordinary girl, with an ordinary story. Well, kinda.

In all the ordinariness, I could talk of high aspirations, dreams, longings, hopes. Don't we all want to make an extraordinary difference in someone's life? Don't we all have dreams bigger than life, hopes just waiting to spring to life, dreams pulsing through our veins?

But, most of us will die, having only lived the ordinary, the mundane, the job, the cleaning, the bills, the heartbreaks, and sometimes the supreme joy moments. And we will die, having lived our blip of time, and maybe, if we are lucky, a handful of people will remember us. For a little while. For a few years. Maybe.

But. That blip of time. That dash between the dates. I want to live so that, even if no one remembers, if I have no posterity to cry over my dead body, and no great-grand children being saddled with my name, that the ONE who matters will be able to smile because HE is glad to have given me that blip. Even if no one else remembers, HE will remember that I lived my life, making a difference where I could, and loving as well as I could, and giving so someone could be changed because they knew me. And, most importantly, all I chose to do in life was because I loved HIM the most, and the best, and the fullest that I knew how.

That is partially why I have chosen to join the crowds in this Fair Trade business. Oh, I know. There will always be the haters, the ones who will tell you it isn't being done right, or fairly, or with any integrity. But. At least we are trying. Fair Trade is about trying to help those who need hope. Who need a chance. Who need an opportunity.

And who of us does not appreciate the gift of a second chance? Or even, perhaps, a first chance?

So, please. Be my guest. Browse my store. Purchase if you wish. But, no pressure. If nothing else, leave this website, and Go. Do. Be. If you have nothing to share, and no way of giving a fellow human being another opportunity, you can always give a smile. Because you have been blessed, and smiles are free.

And who doesn't like free??

And, lastly, here is an invitation to tell me about yourself! What are your hopes and dreams and secret desires or fears? I would love to hear from you!

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