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Rest, Restoration, Rejuvenation

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Most of life, I am discovering, is rushing on from one thing to the next.

I get up, drink coffee, do things. Then I go to bed at a more or less appropriate time, only to get up the next morning and do that all over again.

However, recently God gave me a lovely gift. I got to go on vacation with a few lovely friends, and understand a bit more the feelings of Rest, Restoration, and Rejuvenation.

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Sometimes it is good to step aside, and take assessment of where we have been, and what we are trying to do with what God has given us. Of course, I can hear someone or other clamoring that these things take resources that are scarce for some of us. I understand that. I really do. That is why I said from the start that this was a gift from God. And I decided to accept this gift, and be thankful, and bless God in it the best way I know how.

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And being able to accept this gift, and open my heart, and soak it in left so much more time and room for rest, restoration, and rejuvenation. There is room for that stuff, I discovered, when I stop trying to convince myself that I am not good enough, or deserving enough, and rather, to just lift my heart and allow God's sunshine to wash my soul. God loves me enough, and I am enough.

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The beauty of God's majestic creation, and the wonderful, sometimes funny, sometimes serious moments with friends was like a healing salve, a calming drink, and a letting go of stress I did not even know I had.

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And, of course, ice cream helped!

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I came home with a fresh look at all this stuff that makes up life, a calmer perspective on what matters.

And a thankful heart to God for the rest, restoration, and rejuvenation that is mine. In fact, I feel so calm right now that a mad neighbor giving me the finger doesn't even faze me. Yes, miracles still happen!

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