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On Rainy Days

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Sometimes, I go through a season in life where it rains more than I care to admit.

Fair Trade

Everything drops, drips, drizzles, and drains the sunshine clean away.

And I want to shake my fist at God, stamp my feet, and demand some answers and some correct behavior, and some help here already!!

But, of course, like the good farmer, we all know that rain is good for us. We know it's the rain that brings growth, and fruit, and living. It's the rainy season that shapes us into the kind of people that can care for others, and love, and listen, and  live fully engaged.

So, rather than being all negative and down in the dumps because, yet again, the sky is dark and the land is drenched, I need to remember to look beyond, to the beauty that will be. To the beauty that is, even while it rains. Look at the refreshing new life and find deep within an ability to rejoice no matter whether it's raining or not. No matter whether life is as we think it should be, or not. Because, ultimately, God knows what He is doing. And He's got His reasons, which He will reveal soon enough. If we just keep walking.

Fair Trade

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