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Of Check Engine Lights, Babies, and Other Drama

My life has been a swirl of so many things right now; I feel like I must be walking around with a glazed look in my eyes. One of the many issues clamoring for my undivided attention is the great and mighty check engine light. Who would have thought that such a small thing could ruin an entire month??

I am not making this up. That little bitty light, just glowing steadily on, has caused stress, sweat, and tears. It has made me despair. It has made me wish to drive my vehicle down a steep embankment. It has made me want to smash windows. Yes, I am serious. It has even brought me to tears. In front of the mechanic. Yes. It is true. Apparently I live in a most wonderful state where it is nigh impossible to actually get an inspection to pass. Who makes up these rules anyway?! Because I need a meeting with them.

The mechanic, bless his dear heart, was kind and compassionate and caring and sympathetic. He says that some people in my lovely state have created these sensors that must be used during inspections. That is not such a bad idea, right? Well, the sensors do not work so very well for older vehicles because of how the older vehicle was made and how the sensor was made differently.

So what can I do?? Well, you drive the car. And you drive it. And you drive it. And you hope that while you drive it, the kinks the sensor thinks it has will work their way out. Oh, and it is important to drive it 30 MPH in this degree weather for this long. Huh?? And just when you've gone for miles and miles and miles, and that blessed check engine light has stayed off the whole time, I kid you not, the last half mile to the garage, it has brought up its shiny face again. Did I mention the desire to break windows?

So. You laugh. Oh, yes, you do. Because if you don't.....

In other news, I've been blessed with a front row seat to the joys, pains, tiredness, and love of new motherhood along with toddler love. All I can say is hats off to you. Your work as moms really can be filled with so many emotions and work. Hard work. This month has a day dedicated to mothers. It is a day fraught with a lot of emotions on many different levels for women everywhere. And I can respect that. I have my own feelings about that whole thing. But, oh those itty, bitty kids get my heart every time!

And guess what? Someone somewhere must have decided I was not dealing with enough stuff, so they decided to take my bike. Without asking. By cutting the lock. I don't know about you, but forgiveness and love are sorely tested at times like these. I just confess my humanity. But, what is so amazing about all this is that even while I am feeling violated and angry, God still comes through for me and blesses me in other ways that are far out and beyond my wildest hope. So. Yes, I am of the belief that blatant outright thievery should be sufficiently punished, but I do not have to develop an ulcer trying to meet out vengeance. 

And, lastly, after winter, the promise of spring rises in my heart, and this year, more than ever, I have been thoroughly enjoying the beauty of growing things popping up everywhere.



And lastly #2, is this.

Suffice it to say, "I feel your pain!"

And, if you have made it the whole way through this discombobulated post, kudoos to you! I am proud of you, and you will go far in life!


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