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What would it feel like to totally live like I am LOVED? What if I allowed every thought, every decision, every action to spring from the idea that I am LOVED?

I tend to live more out of the dark and twisted side of life. I am fairly convinced that if it can go wrong, it certainly will. I worry a lot. Some people call me a pessimist. I prefer to think of myself as a realist. But then again, if there is nothing left to worry about I make something up. I know. Crazy. But I am just saying. That is the direction I lean.

But what if, just maybe, I could learn to live freely, with a kind of abandon known only to those who are truly settled with the belief that they are deeply and passionately LOVED by the GOD of the UNIVERSE. He LOVES me.

And you. He LOVES you too!

That. That is something to dance about.


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