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Jesus Weeps

One of the most disturbing verses in the Bible has got to be John 11:35 which states simply, "Jesus wept."

Jesus, the Saviour of the universe, Jesus, the Healer, Jesus, the Almighty, Jesus, the Prince of Peace, Jesus, the Lion of Judah, cried.

Head bowed, shoulders slumped, leaning on His walking stick while great gulping sobs wracked His being deep down in His very soul. The weeping heaved out and great tears spilled down His cheeks and got lost in His beard.

And, it is a great comfort to know this about Jesus. He is not only the Great, Almighty, Sovereign One, but He is weeping with us in the dreadful events, the deep, lacerating pain, the blood spilled, the heart torn to shreds. He knows about our wounds, and He weeps. He knows about our anger, and does not stand aloof, but rather kneels down in the dirt, and scoops us into His arms, and holds us close.

To all those precious, precious children of Haiti, who have been forever scared, terrorized, and lacerated in heart and soul, may you forever know this is NOT Jesus that did this to you. While this horrific pain came to you under the guise of Jesus, it was not from THE JESUS. The Jesus I know, was misused as a cover, as a way in, and for that I am deeply, terribly sorry. May you forever know what and who Jesus actually is. He is standing, shoulders slumped, crying those deep sobs with you while you also cry. He is waiting for you to be ready to run to Him, and let Him carry the weight of your deep, tragic, terrible pain that you should never, ever have had to carry alone. Oh, Jesus, carry those who are broken, shattered, bleeding. And bring healing that only You can bring.

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