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Holidays, Yep, I Said Holidays!

They are going to be upon us before we get in another blink. This is how it feels some days. It gets to the point where I am almost afraid to blink or turn around. lest. when I take another look in the next second, the kid will have somehow miraculously grown into an adult. In the very least, these lovely, perfect days will have become bitterly cold, the leaves will have disappeared, and the ground will be snow-covered.

But the bitterly cold is somehow redeemed with the holidays swooping in.

My guess is the decorations will be drug down from the attic, and the outside freezing will be forgotten for a moment while hot chocolate is sipped and the festivities begin. And, I am one of those people that drag out the festive look in my space since it helps me forget how bitter it is outside and how awful it is to have to go outside during those days.

But.. There is a collection of amazing ornaments and nativities over on the website that will cheer the hearts and warm the souls.

Browse if you wish to fall in love. :-)

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