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Typically, I do not like making a fuss on the world-wide web. Just too much of a possibility for the world to read it. And have nasty opinions.

But today. Today, I just got irritated. Why does this generation of instant photos, instant news, and instant opinions think they are allowed to make any kind of instant, unkind judgement and air it like some dirty laundry, for all who pass by to see? Frankly, I do not enjoy seeing your dirty underwear flapping in the breeze.

Seems like nobody does a thing right these days. Accidents that happen are done on purpose, either because the parent wasn't doing a good enough job and weren't watching their kid, or the dad was suicidal and wanted to kill the whole family. It seems like no accident these days is simply an accident because we live in a fallen world, and terrible things happen. The snooty-nosed public is convinced THEY would never do such a thing. THEY would be perfect parents. THEY would drive much more carefully, and not get the whole family caught on the tracks. THEY would leash their child, and not allow him/her to fall into the lion's cage. THEY would be perfect beings. Yada, yada, yada.

I am sick of the instant judgements and finger pointing. YOU. You who was not there. You who does not know the whole story. You who have not walked in those shoes. You do not get to air your mean-spirited opinion. You do NOT know what really happened. You don't know. And I want you to stop pointing your ever-lasting righteous finger. Tragic things happen. I do not know why, other than that we live in a world where sin abounds, and people die.

You do not have all the right answers and the right moves. I think if you could see a rerun of your life, you would faint in fright at the many times God's angels scooped you up, and averted the tragedy just peeking around the corner at you. Just because you have not been involved in some terrible heart-breaking tragedy does not mean that you have been the perfect parent, brother, sister, driver, or human being. We are all guilty. Everyone of us has done something crazy, or stupid, or risky. We know we have all done it. So stop it already. Just stop it.

People caught up in these terrible tragedies need love, care, prayers, and God's loving arms to hold them up. They do not need judgements and upturned noses. So stop it. These people deserve for us to keep our opinions to ourselves, get down on our knees and repent of our horrible attitudes, and walk away with gratefulness in our hearts because it is but for the grace of God that we are not walking those other people's shoes. It is God's grace that has carried us, and kept us, and saved us. It has nothing to do with how perfectly we have lived.

*End of Rant*

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