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Fair Trade Zooties?

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Yup!  Why not give such cute baby articles a cute name as well? Artisans, craftspeople, and mamas in Kyrgyzstan work hard to make these lovely baby booties from felt.

fair Trade ZootiesFair Trade ZootiesFair Trade Zooties

These dear mamas have an amazing talent for producing felt from wool and turning it into much-coveted carpets – why not make something else that takes up the space between one’s foot and the floor, even if it’s a tiny little foot?  Each time I think there can’t be another animal, vegetable, or mineral turned into a baby bootie, there it is!  Zootie Ladybug! Plus dozens more cool shapes.

Fair Trade Zooties

Kyrgyz women hand cut, dye, and sew each pair of Zooties. Traditional skill brings well-made, warm footwear for your baby.  Available in one size for infants, the booties are made entirely of soft felt, with no buttons, snaps, or Velcro. 

The creation of this footwear has enabled many Kyrgyz women to put their talents to good use while also enabling them to provide food and clothing for their own babies, besides passing on the tradition of felt-wear to many around the world.

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