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Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

The woven look of the Zulu baskets speak warmth and bring a special touch to homes everywhere.

I am not talking just any old basket, but rather, baskets with unique designs, meticulous hours of labor, and sustainable materials.

Each basket has been handwoven into a truly spectacular art form, and are practical and functional, but have by no means lost decorative purpose as well.

Most of the weavers are women who continue carrying out their daily lives of collecting water, planting the fields, and caring for their children while putting in hours and hours of work on these African baskets. For some, making these baskets is the only form of income they have.

Creating the designs and weaving the baskets is a personal activity, yet also a social event. Often the community comes together to collect and prepare the materials. Good times all around of swapping stories and keeping traditions alive.

Zulu Basket

All basket colors are natural and obtained from boiling roots, leaves, berries and bark or other organic material of indigenous flora.

Thank you for helping to support the Zulu women craftspeople and children of South Africa by purchasing these baskets.  You are helping  the poor rural women of South Africa in earning decent incomes from the fruits of their labors, in order to care for their children.


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