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A Steady Heart

Tonight I sit in my chair, you know, the one that is frayed, and old, and used-up, and yet oh-so-comfortable. The harsh wind blowing outside, and the darkness makes my chair even more inviting!

I listen to music as I do some work on the computer. (How much better could life get, really?) And Kari Jobe comes on with "Steady my Heart" and I find tears filling my eyes as I think about the downward slide I have been on the last few days. The gist of her song is that life is hard, messy, and painful. (Amen to that). But God. Even when life is super awful, God is still God, and we can trust Him. And because He is so much more than we can even begin to imagine, we can trust Him to take care of us, and heal us, and steady our hearts. Even while bad things are happening. God steadies our hearts. Imagine the winds and rain and hail and hard times, but while it is all buffeting about and shaking us up, our hearts beat calmly and steadily on because we know someone Who is Bigger.

And because of all that, we can rest. Really and truly.

I must confess to not-so-slight temper tantrums the last few days. Life is unfair and hard. And I want to stomp my feet and beg God to start giving me some sympathy and start doing His God business that I know He can do. But He doesn't seem to be doing much, and I wonder what He could possibly be up to and why can't He just do what He is supposed to already?!

And then this song soothingly sings through my speakers and I realize that maybe, just maybe God simply wants to steady my heart in the storm instead of fix everything so I can have a nice, easy life.

So take a listen and be blessed with me! And maybe I can stop stomping and yelling and be peaceful in God's steadying presence. For a while anyway.

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