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Only One Thing

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Today. In the hurry, work, to do list, living life. Wherever you find yourself, just remember there is only one thing for today.

Be kind.

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I can see you walking down the street, talking to your kids, buying groceries, doing your job. But I can not really see you. I do not know what your secret pain is. I do not know whether you had heavenly rest last night, or whether you cried into your pillow all night. I do not know what your fears, trials, and triumphs are. So I have to remind myself to be kind when all I want to do is snap, and growl, and push you aside so I can move on with my life already.

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There are still kind people in this world even if it seems they are very scarce. I had someone show me a great kindness awhile back, and I have not forgotten. I was having car troubles, and I ended up stranded at a gas station halfway between home and my destination. Surprisingly, the first person I asked for help went way above and beyond the call of duty to get me back on my journey. They did what it took to get my vehicle going again, including purchasing some items to fix the connections on the battery. AND. They would not let me pay for the stuff. Not only did they help me, they actually spent money on me!

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So, I gratefully went on my way, determined to show kindness even when it is inconvenient or not the first impulse of my selfish heart. It is a thing to be learned, and, for me, not something that is learned in a day. I have to remind myself time and again, and lean heavily on Jesus' strength to guide and remind me when everything within wants to be mean, and lash out, and set you straight already!

So. If you do nothing else today. Be kind to someone! Show the love of Jesus, if only in a smile. The world is only made better by us as we, one by one, change our mistreatment of others into lifting each other up.

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