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7 year old is all enthralled with the idea of super powers these days. She just thinks it would be the greatest to be able to take over the world with some sort of power that is unique to her, something that no one else possesses, something that all of humanity is depending on her to accomplish.

Fair Trade

Sometimes it feels like moms must have superpowers. Moms of littles, especially, engage in super jobs such as wiping snot with their bare hands, using spit to clean that face, smelling and wiping butts all day, retrieving toys and such from the toilet, wearing spit-up-on tee-shirts all day, catching chewed up food in their bare hands, getting their skirts utilized as a tissue, making food for the starving crew all day, reading books, cleaning, and so so much more. My hat is off to you as I settle down to my midnight snack in peace cause I know I can sleep in the next morning.

Fair Trade

This brings me to the wonderful thing called Fair Trade. Fair Trade empowers women all over the world, enables them to provide, and aids in improving their situations. In developing countries, it's the women who are often the driving force behind the productivity of that country. It's the women who are doing the daily backbreaking work all while being discriminated against and harassed, and not having access to childcare.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade empowers women by giving them the ability to earn and even save money, are given a voice in their communities, maternity leave, and childcare. Fair Trade also has systems for giving microloans so women can comfortably start small businesses without selling themselves out completely.

And, truly, when we empower the women, we empower the whole community. Opportunities, investments, and education actually become a reality for these women who have been stuck in unpleasant and painful situations their whole lives.

Fair Trade

This Mother's Day, honor your mother for her selfless, giving heart, and bless women the world over by purchasing Fair Trade.

Be intentional. Make a difference. It matters.

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