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Motherly Grace

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I suppose you've figured out what's been on my mind lately.

Mothering. Yup. Mother's Day is coming, and like always, it is hard for me.

That is my confession today. Confession brings grace. Grace to wash over my soul and heal the tender, hurting places.

And really, when I think about it, motherhood is grace. Grace to be bigger, stronger, walking with head held high even in disappointment and heartache. And not just grace for me, but extending grace to those around me. Allowing them to rejoice in their riches while I am dying inside.

Mothering is grace. And I can give grace to others without first having birthed a child.

 I can extend grace to that friend and allow her to make a sure mistake when she is hell-bent on it, and then be there to catch her in the fall.

Grace is allowing my mother friends to be stressed and depressed in the midst of their wealth of husband and children, and listen without judgment because I know that just because you have what you want, it doesn't mean that it is always easy.

Grace is understanding that the world is not fair, and there is nothing I can do about it, but I choose not to be angry because of it.

Grace means taking the higher road and being silent when all I really want to do is shout what's on my mind and make others listen for once.

One of the best examples of grace that I know is my own mother. She is constantly seeing the good in others, willing to take the rap, get up when it's hard, and just. keep. going.

God bless my mother! God bless all mothers everywhere!

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