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Enter: Mother's Day

Mother's Day. This "holiday" means different things to different people. For some, it is a painful day, for others, a day of being celebrated.

Whatever the case, we all have a mother to thank who chose life and breath for us. And for that, if nothing else, we can thank our mothers.

I am not a mother..
I cannot proudly post pictures of my amazing children
For I do not have any.

But am I really NOT a mother?
For I have certainly "mothered" more children than any mother
Could possibly conceive biologically.
Women were created to nurture
And if mothering means nurturing than I am a mother.

There is no one to blame, for they do not know better
But instead of ignoring me because you do not know what to say
Just acknowledge on this important day
That I am no less a woman for not having someone to call me Mommy.
Do not be afraid to tell me
That my role in YOUR childrens' lives is important.

Sometimes your children tell me things they would never dream of telling you.

At night I carry the burden of worry for those little ones that I cannot protect always.
I can only give them what I can in the short hours I see them during the day.
But I carry what they have said in my heart.
I pray and cry for those who are beaten and abused and torn between loyalty and pain
That you have inflicted...

And still you refuse to see me as more than one of those sad people who
Never had children... who do not understand the difficulty in the daily work of raising children.
But what you forget is that I've "mothered" so many
I see the pain that no one else sees. I carry their tears and their heartaches.

No I do not tuck them in at night.
No I do not feed them breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
No I do not see all their temper tantrums.
No I do not settle all their sibling squabbles.

But I've nurtured no less than 50 children.
I've mothered them and hugged them and cared about the tears they've cried.
I've done what I could.
And though my arms and heart ache to do more
To have someone call me Mommy
I can only "mother" other mothers' children.

To those who've allowed me to mother your children.
I am proud of you for allowing me into your homes and hearts.
It helps the "mother" ache to be able to love your young ones.
Hats off to you!!

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