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Better than Drugs

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Okay. Believe me when I say the high is higher and the euphoria is way better!

I am talking about figuring things out that you did not know before.

Especially with a Starbucks in hand.

Call me strange, but, honestly, working with my online business, and conquering the questions, and creating images and text and, well, stuff, is so much fun! Maybe there is something that's been lying dormant deep within my soul, the creative bursts of energy, that have been ignited with the challenge of learning, growing, stretching. Or maybe I'm crazy. It wouldn't be the first time.

Or, of course, maybe it's the coffee.


Anything is possible with coffee. Well, almost anything.

Maybe it is a gift from God to me. This learning, growing, challenge, becoming. God has created us to be creative, and in our creativeness we can worship Him. We bring His name glory when we use our gifts and talents for His glory.

And, of course, to clarify, I don't REALLY know if the high is higher. Of course, I don't.

I will just quietly sign off and go back to my coffee. At least I know something about that.

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