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Lessons From a City Kid

A lot can be learned from a seven-year-old city kid while working on accomplishing the difficulty of the rubric's cube.  It turns out you aren't truly initiated until you've been on a train. In rush hour. In the grand city. As a seven-year-old.

She flips the cube and works at memorizing the steps in order to correctly solve this rubric's cube puzzle, and tells me about her experiences. One can learn a lot if you just take the time to listen.

"One day, me and my mother were on a very crowded train. It was so crowded! We had to push and shove to even just get on the train. There was no room to sit down, and hardly any room to stand even. When we finally got to our stop, I grabbed on to my mother's backpack and hoped for a safe landing outside the train doors in the station. Then someone pushed me. And I lost my grip! I was in a very uncomfortable position. Mother did not notice that she was leaving me behind!! I was squashed between someone's butt and someone else's bag. My foot was trodden on by a stroller wheel. And it smelled like someone was farting in my face! Remember, I am seven so my head is not up there with the adults! The whole time my arm was dangling out the still open door. Finally, a school friend helped to push me the whole way out the door. Then I finally joined mother again. And here she had never even noticed my predicament!

Used by permission from the seven year old. Photo credits: mourninglory

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